Heads up! Alopecia and wig workshops

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Interactive workshops designed to raise awareness of alopecia through product design and fun! Heads up! evolved from Karena Moore-Millar’s PhD research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, looking at wig technologies for people with medical hair loss (alopecia).Workshops take place in various community settings including schools, social clubs, support groups, health centres and other venues on request.

Working in teams we get people to write about feelings associated with alopecia. We ask them to imagine they have the condition and write down positive & negative aspects to having alopecia.

Photos of researchers and pupils with wigs

Each person in the group is assigned a team role and asked to take turns presenting their work.

They design either a wig or headscarf for someone with alopecia and must complete tasks within a time limit. We actively encourage everyone to take part including teachers, parents, friends and family…

Alopecia doesn’t discriminate, so neither will we!

Wig making workshop photos

To learn more please contact Karena Moore-Millar at Headsupworkshops@gmail.com

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